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Research and study have increased the knowledge of the world of art, from which the need has come to present in an organic way its various aspects, which have different exhibition needs. From that moment our work has changed: the opening of the headquarters in via Mentana, near the church square, has allowed to host medium-sized research objects and sculptures, with tapestries and author's graphics.

So the space in via Garibaldi was dedicated to the presentation of specific exhibitions and events, with large works and sculptures. To remember the first exhibition in 1994 with three great Italian sculptors "Travel between land and sea", with Enrico Stropparo (Feanza prize of 1989), Sandro Lorenzini and Riccardo Biavati.

Later, works by other great Italian sculptors such as Alessio Tasca and international artists were presented, including Ann and Kenneth Clark, J. Colbeck and others. The most recent exhibition of the year 2018 saw the Masters Marcello Chiarenza and Tonino Negri as protagonists, in an exhibition journey between lights, natural elements, bronzes and lands.

... but leaving the finished spaces of the galleries to meet nature, an indispensable context in a naturally unique island like Elba, we created outdoor exhibition itineraries, such as the "ARTE IN GIARDINO" sculpture exhibitions created for the garden of the osmunde of the Cernia hotel in Sant'Andrea for eight editions, which were followed for two years at the hotel Desirèè in Procchio and recently the experience of "SOWING ART"
in the spaces of the hotel Zum Rosenbaum in Nalles (Merano).

In addition to the natural setting, the evolution of the exhibition experience has led to the "CONCRETA" project: a review of works by internationally renowned artists, set in historic spaces, Romanesque churches, Tuscan museums in the Valdelsa Fiorentina. Born from the collaboration with P.E. Maddalena, founder and director of the "La Meridiana" international ceramic center in Bagnano (Certaldo), had seven editions presenting the work of 32 artists.
Of all these experiences there are art catalogs.

We come to Gulliver, we do not pass. Ours is a rare, quality proposal with unique pieces. The human element is fundamental with the creatives, teachers and travel companions, a teaching and an unrepeatable human and experiential path, which we try to convey to our guests. In this historical moment it is essential to cultivate the sense of beauty, to nourish the spirit, to contrast the growing cultural and ethical decline to which you are attending.

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